Movie - Queen of the Damend

Release Date: 22 February 2002 (USA)
Genre: Horror, Music, Fantasy
Tagline: The Mother Of All Vampires. All She Wants Is Hell On Earth.
Runtime: 101 mins
Director: Michael Rymer
Producer: Jorge Saralegui
Writer: Scott Abbott, Michael Petroni (screenplay), Anne Rice (novel)

Differences between the movie and the novel

Movie Novel
Akasha is portrayed as having dark golden skin and black eyes (she is in fact played in the movie by African American actress Aaliyah). Akasha and Enkil are as white as marble, all skin pigmentation having been lost completely due to their extremely advanced vampiric age, and Akasha has blue eyes.
Marius is Lestat's maker, and is portrayed with short dark hair and dark eyes. Magnus is Lestat's maker; Lestat doesn't meet Marius, who is said to have long blonde hair and blue eyes, until about ten years after he has been made.
Lestat has brown hair. Lestat has blond hair.
Marius instructs Lestat on how to be a vampire after he makes him. He tells Lestat not to drink from his victims when their hearts stop, or it will kill him. Lestat had no instruction from his maker, Magnus, and was left to fend for himself. Drinking after the heart stops will not kill a vampire.
Akasha gestures to Lestat to drink from her. Enkil never moves. (The Vampire Lestat) - Akasha is awakened by Lestat playing the violin and comes down from her thone, crushing the violin. As Lestat drinks from Akasha, Enkil almost kills him.
Jesse and Lestat are portrayed as being in love. Jesse is twenty-something, is never mentioned to have psychic powers, and is a novice in the Talamasca. Jesse is infatuated with Lestat but Lestat is merely impressed with her; Jesse is in her early thirties, a witch, and a field-operator of the Talamasca, which brings her in contact with Claudia's spirit, sparking her obession with vampires in general and Lestat in particular.
Lestat sends a man out to bring back victims so that he can feed on them. Lestat does no such thing. He takes his own kills at all times, choosing only to feed on "evildoers" for a large part of his existence.
Jesse believes that Lestat is a vampire from the first moment she hears of him, and is eager to investigate. She tells David Talbot that she is going to Lestat's concert. Jesse is assigned to New Orleans to research vampires and Lestat, and she thinks the assignment is ridiclous. Once she does come to believe in him, she goes off to the concert against the Talamasca's wishes, and doesn't tell David. He finds out that she is there when he sees her at the show.
Lestat's concert is held in Death Valley, California. The concert is held in San Francisco.
The vampires at Lestat's concert attack him during the show, and Akasha rises from the stage, carrying Lestat away with her. The vampires attempt to attack Lestat after the show, and he runs away with Gabrielle and Louis. Akasha comes to him in his coffin, right before he falls asleep at sunrise.
Marius comes to Lestat in the present, telling him he always knew where he was because he is Lestat's maker. Louis comes to Lestat, not Marius. Makers and their fledglings cannot read eachothers minds.
Gabrielle and Louis do not exist. Gabrielle and Louis, Lestat's fledglings, are a significant presence.
Jesse is made by Lestat after the Queen is dead. Maharet makes Jesse after she is nearly killed in the riot at Lestat's concert.
Mekare is never mentioned. Mekare plays the most important role in the origin story and the climactic scene.
Most vampires can fly, including Lestat. He can also climb up the walls. Vampires do not climb walls, and only very old or powerful vampires can fly. Lestat cannot fly until after he drinks Akasha's blood.
Akasha and Lestat are awake during the day and able to go out into the sunlight without becoming burned. Akasha claims that Lestat can do so because he drank her blood. Vampires cannot go out into the sun without injury. Younger or weaker vampires will be destroyed by the sun; older or more powerful vampires will be burned. The extent of that burning will vary depending on the vampire's age or strength. Vampires are physically incapable of being awake between sunrise and sunset.
Akasha only kills vampires and the entire population of a Greek island. Akasha does not kill vampires that are known and loved by Lestat (she also fails to kill all vampires, as evidenced by the survival of those such as Khayman and Eric, who Lestat has never met). Posing as the Queen of Heaven (The Virgin Mary), Akasha telepathically urges women to kill nearly all the men in third-world countries, making the man-woman ratio 1:100, because she sees men as the root of all evil.
Akasha and Lestat have sex. Vampires are incapable of having sex.
David Talbot is a middle aged man. At the end of the film, Marius is seen going into David's home, supposedly to give him the Dark Gift. David Talbot is old and Marius never met him in person, much less attempted to give him the Gift. In a later book, David actually forbade Lestat to turn him into a vampire when Lestat offered.
Pandora and Mael are killed during the final battle with Akasha. Pandora is shown as being Indian. Armand is blond and about 25. None of the vampires are killed in the final battle with Akasha. Pandora is a Roman with brown hair, and Armand has auburn hair and was made when he was 17.
Maharet drank the last drop of Akasha's blood, which killed Akasha and turned Maharet into The Fount or Queen of the Damned. Maharet's sister Mekare killed Akasha, and both Maharet and Mekare consumed the heart and brain of Akasha. Mekare consumes the brain, which makes her The Queen of the Damned.
There is no significant insight into or discussion of the origin of the vampires. The origin of the vampires is a central plot point.