Marius de Romanus

Appears in Novels:

* The Vampire Lestat
* The Queen of the Damned
* The Vampire Armand
* Blood and Gold

Basic Information:

Time when made: Roughly 2000 years ago
Age: Over 2000
Age when made: 40
Place of birth: Rome
Place when made: Rome
Maker: The God of the Grove
Fledglings: Pandora, Armand, Bianca, Sybelle, Benji
Paramours: Pandora, Armand, Bianca
State: Living


Hair: Thick, white-blonde hair curled at the shoulders
Eyes: Cobalt blue eyes, heavy golden brows
Face: Lean and almost luminous face, smooth and like a mask, broad forehead, square face, slightly hollowed cheeks
Mouth: Long full mouth
Body Shape: Slender, standing about 5"11, gaunt, broad shoulders, long legs, amazingly long and delicate fingers
Skin Tone: Very pale and hard as white marble
Past Style: Red velvet clothes, the cloak that covered him to the ground, the dark red gloved hands

Vampiric Power:

* The Fire Gift: ignite objects with his mind
* very strong telekinesis, and can move with such speed that only other powerful blood drinkers can track it
* The Cloud Gift: the ability to fly
* The Mind Gift: can read minds with ease and can block his own mind from being read
* The Spell Gift: the ability to hypnotize/put mortals under his thrall
* The Killing Gift: killing by using telekinetic pressure/force

Mortal and Immortal Life:

Marius De Romanus was born in 30 B.C. in Rome. He was an illegitimate child of a Roman patrician and a daughter of a Keltic chieftain from the land of Southern Gaul. He was a citizen of the Roman Gallic city of Massilia during the time of the Roman Empire. He served as a Senator for a while and also went to war for a short time because it was what his family wanted. Marius liked philosophy and literature and was a historian for a time and was well known in Rome for his writing.

Marius and Lydia first met in the first century, the Augustan Age of the Roman Empire. Marius was a young 25 year old poet and historian while Lydia, was the 12 year old daughter of a senator. Lydia confessed that it was instant love the way that Marius spoke to her as a lady and chased after her as a bear. Marius approached Lydia's father about marriage and was denied. They did not see each other again until Lydia was 17. Lydia saw Marius at a festival and begged her father to allow her to marry Marius. Her father again refused.

When Marius was approximately 40 years old, he worked as a scholar on a history of the world and was abducted by druids (from a tavern). Because he was an extraordinary human being, the Druids wanted him to become their new god and thus replace the God of the Grove, a burned and crippled vampire who no longer inspired their ceremonies. The Druid priest, Mael, forced Marius to learn the Druid language and customs. On the night of their great Feast of Samhain, the Druids took Marius to the giant oak tree where they had imprisoned their other god. Inside it, the vampire god taught him the lessons of the vampires and urged him to go to Egypt, to find out why vampires in other places - and himself as well - had been burned or destroyed while they had not been exposed to fire or the sun. After being made a vampire, Marius broke free of the Druids and pursued this new course.

In Alexandria, Marius encountered other burned vampires. One of them took him to the Elder - a thousand years old vampire who told Marius about Akasha and Enkil, the vampire progenitors. Marius learned that he, like other vampires, was vitally connected to them, and that if they suffered harm, he and all other vampires would experience similar damage. Since Akasha and Enkil had been placed in the sun, as a consequence vampires everywhere had been burned or destroyed. That same night, Akasha asked Marius to take her and Enkil out of Egypt before the Elder - the one who had deliberately placed them in the sun - destroyed them. The elder trieD to attack Marius but was stopped by Akasha who trampled him with her bare feet. Marius took them out of Egypt as requested, travelling with them around Europe and became the caretaker of the original two vampires, Those Who Must Be Kept.

Marius met Lydia again after nearly two other decades since the last meet. Lydia's father held a high rank as a senator. But when a new emperor took power, her family was betrayed by her own brother and was killed, only Lydia and her traitorous brother survived the massacre. And she was taken to Antioch by a man who was very close to her father. And she changed her name to Pandora. She eventually found out what Marius had become, and also that he protected and hid the Queen and King of all Vampires.

The vampire, Akabar, wanted to steal the Queen's powerful and ancient blood. Marius and Pandora tried to prevent him from carrying out his plan. To gain access to the Queen, Akabar used Marius's love for Pandora against him and drained Pandora to the point of death. In order to save her, Marius was forced to make Pandora into a vampire and forced to let Akabar see the Queen, who then destroyed Akabar. The pair stayed together for the next two hundred years, taking care of the Queen and King. Pandora believed that Akasha had willed their union and had hearkened to Marius' loneliness. Akasha had opened arm to welcome Pandora when Pandora came to her. This was the only gesture Akasha had shown in the three hundred years which Marius had longed to see her movement.

Marius and Pandora were attacked by vampires who believed they should serve Satan and resent their human-like existance. They started to slain all these vampires to protect the Queen and the King. But after the slaughter, Marius lapsed into a terrible silence and for months would not leave the shrine. He abandoned Pandora for his own suffering. He had foreseen a grim future and felt confused for the silence of the Queen and the King. Due to his pride, he concealed his prayers and helpless feelings from Pandora. Pandora was embittered by his silence and began arguing. She left the house and she did not return the next night or the night after that. Marius was powerfully angry with her and in the end, he left her and took Akasha and Enkil with him by day to Rome.

Marius later characterized the breakup (of which he left her and she spent six months or more waiting for him to return) as being entirely his fault: He considered himself a teacher who longed to impart what he knew upon his pupils, but Pandora - being as free-spirited and highly educated as she was - had no patience to be his student. During their time together, against his objection, she did turn one of her beloved slaves, Flavius into a vampire. This made their relationship become tensed.

After separating with Pandora, he moved to Rome and met Avicus, an ancient vampire who was older than him and was the God of the Grove in Britain, and Mael, a young vampire made by Avicus. Marius and Mael were somehow hostile to each other while Marius and Avicus were attracted to each other. Avicus and Mael lived in shadows and did not know much about their powers. Marius tried to teach them both to live as he did. But due to the happening between Marius and Mael and the protection of Those Whose Must Be Kept, the three vampires only could have the silent and distant companionship, i.e., they could not solace one another and could not have friendship neither.

Marius allowed mortal guests to come to his house while Avicus and Mael kept Rome clean from those vampires serving Satan. Mael once got seriously injured by some drunk soldiers and Marius let him to drink his blood to heal. But Mael saw the Queen in Marius' blood and insisted to see the Good Mother. Marius only could bring them to the shine. Mael drank from Akasha while Enkil tried to strike him. Finally he was rescused by Marius by calming Enkil down.

As Marius' beloved city, Rome, fell and his villa had been set in flames, Marius went into a coma-like sleep in the shine for almost a hundred years. Avicus and Mael tried to awake him up for several times but failed. But before they set sail for Constantinople, they awoke Marius successfully. Marius thought it was Akasha had comforted him in his sleep and she had caused him to wake. Then, he thought his soul once again expanded and ready for his journey. And the three vampires became the true companion to each other and Avicus and Mael both saw Marius as their leaders.

It was there he came across the vampire Eudoxia. Eudoxia was an ancient vampire who had drank from Akasha in Egypt centuries before Marius took her away. Eudoxia did not allow them to stay in Constantinople except Marius agreed to make peace with her. Mael was uneasy to her authority while Avicus was in obvious obsession to her, actually so did Marius. Eudoxia also resented that Marius had stolen Akasha and Enkil from Alexandria. She requested Marius to give over the Mother and Father, otherwise she would destroy Marius and his companions. And they would not be allowed either to stay or to go. Marius did not agree and she started a battle with him. To Marius' surprise, he was not hurt and he could use the Fire Gift and Killing Gift. Then, Eudoxia requested Marius to let the Mother and the King decide whom to be the keeper of them.

And the next night, Eudoxia visited Marius' house and somehow tried to find a way to exist together in Constantinople peacefully. Marius let her go to the shine and she would like to offer herself as a blood sacrifice to Akasha. Akasha did nearly drink all her vampric blood until Marius saved her from Akasha. She was then so weak that she needed to feed upon a victim in Marius' house but it was her trick. After the body of the victim had been dumped in the public area, the mortals outside knew that there was a murder in Marius' house and they burnt the house into ruins. This angered Marius much and he thought this was an insult to Akasha. He then caught her to the shine and let Akasha to kill her by drinking all her blood and set her body in flames.

Marius had decided to leave Alexandria and his companions after Eudoxia's death. He meant to live on his own in order to protect the secret of Those Who Must Be Kept. Marius went to the home of Eudoxia and found a vampire, Zenobia, who was very young when she was made and was the lover of Eudoxia. Marius knew from her that Pandora had searched for him in this city and had encountered Eudoxia. Pandora mentioned him to Eudoxia and made Eudoxia feeling curious of Marius. Marius was not only excited but also sad after knowing this news.

Marius instantly loved Zenobia. However, he insisted to leave Alexandria and decided not to stay with her. The child like her, not more than 10 years old of vampric age, only spoke simply truths and could be easily read by other vampires would expose the secret of Those Who Must Be Kept. He asked Avicus and Mael to take care of her while Avicus was willing to do so but Mael strongly opposed. Marius then gave her his blood to make her stronger and teach her the skills and the powers. He lived with her for a short while before his leave. And finally Mael agreed to live with her. Then Marius went off on his own and visited many places while drifting through time before going into the ground again in 1200.

He awoke again in 1482 as the prosperous era came again in Italy. He visited Rome and encountered Santino whom asked him to lead the Satan worshippers and for the details of Those Who Must Be Kept. Marius refused and threatened Santino not to bother him by any means. Santino left him with rage. Then Marius encountered the paintings by Botticelli. He was so amazed and got his passion again. He made a visit to Botticelli's house in Florence and loved his talent. Marius once wanted Botticelli so much but finally he suppressed the desire. Then he considered he could lived as a painter just like Botticelli and he found himself now more than ever susceptible to love. He meant to demand that the world could give him some quarter and a place among the human beings of which he had in former times been one.

He finally settled in Venice as a rich eccentric gentleman who painted for his own pleasure. Here he opened a home for neglected and abused boys who had talent. He chose to work among mortals, have mortal apprentices, and make religious art. He fell in love with the Venetian courtesan, Bianca Solderini, who lived nearby. He thought she was from the beautiful woman painted by Botticelli. But a kinsman, a Florentine banker, kept her in terror. Indeed it was he who had brought her here, provided her with her nest of lovely chambers and ever playing music. It was he who demanded of her that the poison be placed in the proper cup to do away with those he chose. Marius so wanted her just like the night wanted Botticelli but he again suppressed the desire.

Marius also encountered Amadeo here. Amadeo had been kidnapped and remembered nothing of his previous life. He prayed to the God for death so that he could be delivered from those who had cast him down in darkness, those who had tormented him and jabbered at him in a tongue he did not know. Marius bought him from a brothel and fell in love instantly with him. Marius got a full-blown idea, as rich as his desire to seduce Botticelli, as terrible as his passion for the lovely Bianca. Amadeo was a foundling who could be educated for the Blood. Amadeo was a child utterly lost to life who could be reclaimed specifically for the Blood. Marius decided to make of him a child of the Blood.

Marius could not stop himself from taking Amadeo into his bedroom study, and there he visited on Amadeo his carnal kisses, his sweet and bloodless kisses, his kisses of need, and Amadeo gave himself to him without reserve. Amedeo apparently adored Marius and they spent hours together in the bedroom. Marius kept him as his minion, his lover and his secret treasure. And Marius painted The Temptation of Amedeo in an attempt to capture on canvas Amedeo's qualities forever.

Amadeo met Bianca and had been enchanted by her. Yet he was jealous of her because of Marius. Marius let her to open his house with his own paintings for the guests. And he thought it was Amadeo who saved Bianca that he had diverted his devotion from her.

And once Amadeo got sick after finding ikons of the very style he had once painted in the grand church on the nearby island of Torcello. It was his mind that stoked the fever. Beset by the memories, yet not understanding them, he was moving slowly towards death. In order to save him, Marius gave him blood kisses to cure his sickness.

Amadeo was now the most brilliant of the academy. New teachers were required for him in philosophy and law. He was outgrowing his clothes at a marvelous rate, he had become quick and charming in conversation, and he was the beloved of all the younger boys. Marius sometimes gave him blood kisses, watching his body shiver, and seeing the power of it in his half-lidded eyes. And Amadeo began asking questions to Marius what creature he was and why he never come by day. Marius sent him off to the best brothels to learn the pleasures of women, and the pleasures of boys. Amadeo hated Marius for it, and yet he enjoyed it, and he came home to Marius eager for the Blood Kiss and nothing else.

Mael found Marius in Venice one night and the living place of Marius was told by Santino in Rome. Amadeo saw Mael and recognized him for the creature that he was. Mael knew Marius would like to make Amadeo to be one of them but he wanted Marius that Amadeo was too young and Marius becaome careless that top softened by human emotions. Marius realised he hated and feared Mael after his leave. Yet he loved him, loved him when they had been mortals even, loved him on that long voyage to Constantinople. However, the desire of owning his mortal world, his children, Amadeo and Bianca only kept Mael away from his living.

Marius planned to leave for a few days but Amadeo urged to know what creature Marius was and insisted to go with him. So, Marius told him he was going to take his duty for Those Who Must Be Kept. It was the first time to mention Those Who Must Be Kept to a mortal that really surprised himself a lot and meanwhile, he felt a great release and closer with Amadeo. He wanted him to share his loneliness. He wanted him to share all that he could teach and give. When Marius returned from his duty, he decided to give one last trial to Amadeo, to reveal to him the manner in which Marius fed. To Marius' anger, he saw only amazement from Amadeo's eyes and no mercy was felt for the victim. Then Marius threatened to harm Bianca who Amadeo loved, he revealed the horror of it to him, that Amadeo had to see it, he had to see the suffering, he had to see the pain. But Bianca did not fear and with the pleading from Amadeo, Marius turned to save Bianca from her kinsmen. The threats had only bound Bianca to Marius all the more firmly. And Marius slain all the power who kept Bianca. Amadeo did weep but he was willing to be a fool for Marius. And Marius had made up his mind and meant to do it next night.

The night Marius returned after the slaughter, Marius found Amadeo was slashed his face and arms with a poisoned blade by Lord Harlech who harbored a forbidden passion, which had been somewhat fed by Amadeo's dalliance on random nights when Marius had been away. Amadeo was in fatal fever, his senses having left him and nearly died. Bianca took care of him until Marius came and he saved him by making him into a vampire. Amadeo suffered that he needed to keep secret to Bianca what had happened to him while he told her all when he was a mortal. He even suggested to transform Bianca to be one of them but the suggestion angered Marius. Marius asked Amadeo to befriend with the mortals and keep visiting Bianca.

Marius brought Amadeo back to Kiev where Amadeo's family lived. To their surprise, Amadeo's father who had fought the monks for Amadeo's very soul, did not die in the grassland. But he once was the warrior, then had become the drunkard because he had failed to save his son and he found himself guilty. And to Marius' surprise, he had never seen Amadeo so obsessed with either love or misery, with either happiness or grief but he was so different when he saw his father. Marius knew that Amadeo's love for his father was far greater than any love Amadeo had ever felt for Marius himself and knew that it was the figure of his father who reigned in Amadeo's heart.

Always before the journey to Russia, Marius had thought the split in Amadeo's mind was between the rich and varied art of Venice and the strict and stylized art of old Russia. But after that, he knew that the split in him was between die monastery with its ikons and its penance on the one hand, and his father, the robust hunter who had dragged him away from the monastery on that fateful day. In Marius' secret soul, he suspected that Amadeo held him in contempt. All he taught of art, of history, of beauty, of civilization X all this was meaningless to Amadeo. When the Tatars captured him, when the ikon fell from his arms into the grass, it was not his fate that was sealed; it was his mind. His soul held nothing sacred but that old art and his father in Kiev. And Marius, with all his power, and all his blandishments, could not replace Amadeo's father in Amadeo's mind. Marius found that he loved Amadeo as he had loved Pandora. He loved him as he had loved Botticelli. Amadeo was among these, the great loves of his long life. He sensed that the jealousy and these thoughts were dangerous to him as an immortal, and that never before had anything of this nature so tortured him or made him weak. Marius had expected Amadeo, the blood drinker, to look upon his family with detachment but no such thing had taken place.

Marius desired their bond to be permanent, but their happiness became short-lived when, only six months later, Santino's coven put a torch to Marius, serverly hurt him and captured Armand.

Marius got seriously burned in the attack but fortunately managed to escape to his secret shrine in the mountains of northern Italy, where he healed himself by drinking the healing blood of Those Who Must Be Kept. And Bianca, who helped him in his recovery and whom he made a vampire to aid him, lived very briefly in many northern Europe towns before they settled for awhile in Dresden. Here Marius found Pandora and begged her in vain to leave her companion, Arjun, and return to him. Bianca seriously annoyed that Marius planned to leave her, then left him all on his own. Pandora also left Dresden. Years later Marius discovered a letter from Pandora asking him to come to Russia to free her from her companion that was written when he met her in Dresden. The last two places in which Marius lived was an island in the Aegean Sea and somewhere in the north.

Marius found the vampire Lestat who had been leaving messages for him all around the world. Marius was impressed by Lestat's persistence and innocence and after ten years, he took Lestat to his home where he explained to him the story of Akasha and Enkil. Lestat awoke Akasha by playing violin to her and drinking her blood. Enkil was also awoken by Lestat of his drink to Akasha and their blood exchange. Lestat was nearly attacked by Enkil that luckily Marius stopped it in time. So, Marius sent Lestat away to his safety and told him to live out "one human lifetime". Marius was very jealous of Lestat that Akasha took Lestat's blood as she had never taken his own, answered his prayers or even moved for him.

In the twentieth century Lestat became a "rock star" and Marius was still looking after Akasha and Enkil. He connected Akasha and Enkil to the modern world and gave them entertainment by placing a television in their shine. Marius returned one night to the shrine to find Enkil murdered and Akasha awoke. Akasha buried Marius in ice and left to find Lestat. Marius tried to warn all the other vampires and Lestat what had happened telepathically. Akasha reached Lestat and kidnapped him. Pandora knew Marius was in danger through Arjun. Marius was rescued from the ice by Pandora and Santino. Marius went with all the other vampires to Maharet who explained the story of how vampires came to be and her relationship with Akasha. Marius was also reunited with Amadeo, now called Armand. When Maharet was finished telling the story, Akasha and Lestat arrived. Akasha wanted to kill the majority of men in the world because this would put an end to rape, murder, etc...Marius tried to reason with her that this was impossible but she took no notice. Akasha was then killed by Maharet and her twin, Mekare, who became the new "Queen of the Damned". Marius stayed on the Night Island with all the others for a short time before leaving them.

Marius went to Lestat when he was trapped in the human body but Marius did not talk to him or help him. Marius then returned to Lestat when Lestat was lying unconscious after visiting heaven and hell. Marius was reunited with Pandora and Armand once more. Marius then made two young mortals, Benji and Sybelle, into vampires for Armand.

Marius, once again, left them and at some point took Daniel into his home to take care of him. Marius then met the vampire Thorne and told him his life story. The result of this was that Marius decided to have revenge on Santino who was the one who attacked him whilst he lived with Pandora and was responsible for Armand's kidnapping. Marius was then taken to Maharet's refuge along with Thorne. There he found Pandora, Armand and of course Santino. Marius asked permission to kill Santino but Maharet refused. Thorne killed Santino for Marius and Marius was satisified. Marius then watched as Thorne's eyes were taken from him and was chained up by Maharet. This was the last appearance of Marius.

Descriptions in the Novels:

The Vampire Lestat
"...the creature standing there to receive him, the tall one in red velvet, with the lean and almost luminous face, touched him so gently with cool fingers that, half dreaming, he didn't cry as he saw the coins exchange hands. But it was a great deal of money. Too much money. He was being sold off. And the face, it was too smooth, it might have been a mask....he felt the firm, delicate fingers of his new Master again, and on his neck cool and tender lips that could never, never hurt him, and that first deadly and irresistible kiss. Love and love and love in the vampire kiss....Drunk on the silky white hands that smoothed back his hair and the voice that called him beautiful; on the face that in moments of feeling was suffused with expression only to become as serene and dazzling as something made of jewels and alabaster in repose. Like a pool of moonlit water it was. Touch it even with the fingertip and all its life rises to the surface only to vanish in quiet once again....the Master stood beside the enormous bed, gorgeous as something imagined in his red velvet, with his thick white hair glistening in the lamplight, and the simplest happiness in his brilliant cobalt blue eyes. The deadly kiss." by Armand
"At last, it lifted its arms to enfold me and the face I saw was beyond the realm of possibility. What one of us could have such a face? What did we know of patience, of seeming goodness, of compassion? No, it wasn't one of us. It couldn't have been. And yet it was. Preternatural flesh and blood like mine. Iridescent eyes, gathering the light from all directions, tiny eyelashes like strokes of gold from the finest pen. And this creature, this powerful vampire, was holding me upright and looking into my eyes, and I believe that I said some mad thing, voiced some frantic thought, that I knew now the secret of eternity....Like a dull blaze before me I saw his red velvet clothes, the cloak that covered him to the ground, the dark red gloved hands with which he held me. His hair was thick, white and gold strands mingled in waves fallen loosely around his face, and over his broad forehead. And the blue eyes might have been brooding under their heavy golden brows had they not been so large, so softened with the feeling expressed in the voice. A man in the prime of life at the moment of the immortal gift. And the square face, with its slightly hollowed cheeks, its long full mouth, stamped with terrifying gentleness and peace." by Lestat
"He was wearing the long red velvet cloak he had worn in Cairo, and his full white blond hair was blown back by the wind.....I felt an overpowering attraction to him, and the sense of peace in me expanded. There was no forbidding grandeur to his face or his stance, no loftiness that might have humbled me and made me afraid. There was only a quiet nobility about him, his eyes rather wide as they looked forward, the mouth suggesting a disposition of exceptional gentleness as before. Too smooth the face, yes. It had the sheen of scar tissue, it was so smooth, and it might have startled, even frightened, in a dark street. It gave off a faint light. But the expression was too warm, too human in its goodness to do anything but invite. Armand might have looked like a god out of Caravaggio, Gabrielle a marble archangel at the threshold of a church. But this figure above me was that of an immortal man." by Lestat
"It was Marius when he turned around and gestured for me to come out. He was dressed as I was dressed. The frock coat was red, not violet, the lace Valenciennes, not Bruxelles. But he wore very much the same costume, his shining hair tied back loosely in a dark ribbon just as mine was, and he looked not at all ethereal as Armand might have, but rather like a superpresence, a creature of impossible whiteness and perfection who was nevertheless connected to everything around him -the clothes he wore, the stone railing on which he laid his hand, even the moment itself in which a small cloud passed over the bright half moon." by Lestat
"My human death was long finished, I was ravenous, and surely my face was no more than a living skull. No doubt my eyes were bulging from their sockets, and my teeth were bared. The white robe hung on me as on a skeleton." by Marius
"Marius and I both were born in a time when Roman law was, as Marius would say, based on reason, as opposed to divine revelation. We are totally unlike those blood drinkers brought to Darkness in lands of Magic and Mystery. Not only did we trust Augustus when we were alive, we also believed in the tangible power of the Roman Senate. We believed in public virtue and character; we held to a way of life which did not involve rituals, prayers, magic, except superficially. Virtue was embedded in character. That was the inheritance of the Roman Republic, which Marius and I shared." by Pandora
"I knew all of the men but one, and this one was fair-haired and blue-eyed, and very tall, and he turned, during the conversation - which was all whispers and nods - and winked at me. This was Marius, with skin slightly tanned from his travels and a flashing beauty in his eyes....But I knew it. I knew he was sort of the "bad boy" in an intellectual way, the "poet" and the "loafer." What nobody had told me was that he was beautiful. Now, on this day, this was Marius when he was alive, about fifteen years before he was to be made a vampire. I can calculate that he was only twenty-five. But I'm not certain....Marius, the blond one....I saw Marius in the atrium, got a measure of his full height, which was quite unusual for a Roman, and let out a girlish gasp and then a streak of laughter. He winked at me again. Marius had his hair short then, dipped military-Roman-style with a few modest curls on his forehead; his hair was long when he was later made a vampire, and he wears it long now, but then it was the typical boring Roman military cut. But it was blond and full of sunlight in the atrium, and he seemed the brightest and most impressive man I'd ever laid eyes upon. He was full of kindness when he looked at me....Marius drew himself up and said in his gentle very fine voice, trained for public rhetoric as well as words of love" by Pandora
"I saw him standing against a tree trunk and writing. No one did this - stand against a tree, hold a book in one hand and write with the other. The slave stood beside him with a bottle of ink. Marius's hair was long and most beautiful. Quite wild....he was stark still, looking at me. With his flowing hair, he much resembled the Vampire Lestat. He is taller than Lestat, but he has the same lithe build, the same very blue eyes and a muscular strength to him, and a squareness of face which is almost pretty." by Pandora
"You look not one day older than when I saw you in my girlhood. Your face is radiant, and your eyes, how beautiful are your eyes. I would sing these praises to the accompaniment of a lyre if I could." by Pandora
"I flew at him and imprisoned him in my arms! He was powerfully strong, solid as a tree! I never felt such hardness of muscle in a man. I lay my head on his shoulder, and his cheek against the top of my head was cold!....Hard, so hard, yet with no pulse of life. No warmth of human blood in his gentle, sweet gestures....I looked at him, at his great height and the straightness of his back, and the way his feet were so firmly fixed on the mosaic floor. The lamps made his blond hair glorious....He suddenly dosed his arms around me, surprising me, holding me firmly and rubbing his cheek gently against my hair, and kissing my head. Silken, polished, gentle beyond words....I held this hard effigy of the most spectacular and singular man I had ever known or seen: I held it and this time heard the beating of his heart, the distinct rhythm of it. I laid my ear on his chest." by Pandora
"I pictured Marius, the sheen of his skin. It had been so like that of the Queen, and the dazzle of his eyes, so truly like that of the Queen...." by Pandora
"Quite an ivory leg there. Grecian, Oriental and perfectly pale." by Bookshop Merchant
"His face too had been wiped dean of discernible age. I had time now to relish it, the squareness of his shoulders, the straightness and firmness of his neck, the distinct expression of his eyes and well-placed eyebrows. We had been made over into portraits of ourselves in marble by a master sculptor....No one could have guessed his age, save from the seriousness of his expression. A man in perfect form, that was what he seemed. I tried not to be dazzled by him, by the pulsing night behind him, and yet I wanted so to drift." by Pandora
"He felt no necessity to dress like a Roman anymore, and frequently wore the jeweled clothes of the Easterners. His hair seemed to be growing finer, lighter. He seldom cut it, which of course he would have had to do every night had he wanted it short. It was a splendor on his shoulders. As his face grew ever more smooth, away went the few lines that could so easily design anger in his expression. As I've told you before, he greatly resembles Lestat. Only he is more compact of build, and jaw and chin had hardened just a little more with age before the Dark Gift. But the unwanted folds were receding from his eyes." by Pandora
"He had been looking at me for a great while, and gave me now the most tragic and loving smile. He wore a big full-bottomed curly wig, dyed to the very color of his true hair, and a flared velvet coat, and layers of lace, so favored by the French, His skin was golden. That meant fire. I knew suddenly he had suffered something terrible. A jubilant love filled his blue eyes, and without forsaking his casual posture - he was leaning his elbow on the edge of the clavichord - he blew a kiss to me with his fingers." by Pandora
The Vampire Armand
"He has always been the gentleman, even before there was such a word. In ancient Rome, they must have had a term for such a person, infallibly good mannered, and considerate as a point of honor, and wholly successful at common courtesy to rich and poor alike. This was Marius, and it had always been Marius, insofar as I could know." by Armand
"He let his snow-white hand rest on the dull satiny banister. He wore a long shapeless cloak of gray velvet, once perfectly extravagant, now downplayed with wear and rain, and his yellow hair was long like Lestat's hair, full of random light and unruly in the damp, and even studded with drops of dew from outside, the same dew clinging to his golden eyebrows and darkening his long curling eyelashes around his large cobalt-blue eyes....In Marius, I saw the sunny skies of the northern wilderness, eyes of steady radiance which rejected any outside color, perfect portals to his own most constant soul." by Armand
"Red had been his badge of pride, red velvet-a flowing cape, and magnificently embroidered doublet, and beneath it a tunic of gold silk tissue, so very popular in those times." by Armand
"I was touched by something hard, something made of wood or brass, only this thing moved as if it were organic. At last I opened my eyes and saw that a man held me, and these inhuman things, these things that felt so like stone or brass, were his white fingers, and he looked at me with eager, gentle blue eyes....He was dressed all in red velvet and splendidly tall. His blond hair was parted in the middle in a saintly fashion and combed richly down to his shoulders where it broke over his cloak in lustrous curls. He had a smooth forehead without a line to it, and high straight golden eyebrows dark enough to give his face a clear, determined look. His lashes curled like dark golden threads from his eyelids. And when he smiled, his lips were flushed suddenly with a pale immediate color that made their full careful shape all the more visible.....He smiled so kindly at me. His upper lip and chin were all clean shaven. I couldn't even see the scantest hair on him, and his nose was narrow and delicate though large enough to be in proportion to the other magnetic features of his face....His white chest was naked and the nipples faintly pink, and his hair, pushed back from his smooth straight forehead, looked even thicker and more beautifully blond than it had before." by Armand
"He had tied back his blond hair with a bit of cord. His face was very beautiful, unveiled as it were, with its chiseled cheekbones and smooth narrow nose. He looked at me, and his mouth worked the miracle of the ordinary smile." by Armand
"His lips, always softly pink like the inner petals of blushing white roses, turned slowly red as I watched. It was a gleaming seam of red that ran between his lips and then flowed through all the fine lines of which his lips were made, perfectly coloring them, as wine might do, only it was so brilliant, this fluid, that his lips shimmered, and when he parted them, the red burst as if it were a curled tongue." by Armand
"He was dressed in his finest red velvet. He wore a jacket with slashed sleeves and a heavy tunic with a high collar. This cloak of red velvet was trimmed in ermine. His hair was thoroughly brushed and very slightly oiled so that it gave off its most civilized and artful shimmer, swept back from his clean straight hairline and turning in mannered curls on his shoulders." by Armand
"My Master caught him easily, as if he were no more than a great swaddling of evil-smelling wool. I saw my Master's face. His mouth opened. There came two tiny sharp teeth, like daggers unto themselves, as he bit down into the man's throat. I heard the man cry out, but only for an instant, and then his stinking body went Master closed his smooth eyes, his golden eyelashes seeming silvery in the dimness, and I heard a low wet sound, barely audible but horribly suggestive of the flow of something...His face took on a florid gleam. He turned and looked at me, and I could make out the vivid flush of his cheeks, the ruddy glister of his lips." by Armand
Blood and Gold
"You're very beautiful, with your light yellow hair. You look like a god, really, tall as you are and with your blue eyes. Even she thought you were beautiful. She told me you were. I was never allowed to see you. But she told me that you were like the North men. She described you as you walked about in your red robes...the Roman, in your brilliant red robes, moving through the square at evening, pale as marble, yet with all the conviction of a mortal man." by Zenobia and Eudoxia
"This Roman blood drinker had come to the isle of Crete, wandering, looking for you, and speaking of you X Marius, the Roman, Patrician by birth, scholar by choice." by Pandora, quoted from Zenobia