Movie - Interview with the Vampire

Release Date: 11 November 1994 (USA)
Genre: Horror
Tagline: Drink From Me And Live Forever
Runtime: 123 mins
Director: Neil Jordan
Producer: David Geffen, Stephen Woolley
Writer: Anne Rice (screenplay), Anne Rice (novel)

Differences between the Movie and the Novel

Movie Novel
Louis is grief-stricken over the death of his wife and child. Louis is depressed and blames himself for the death of his brother.
After Lestat 'sires' Louis, they sleep in separate coffins. In the novel, Louis and Lestat initially share a coffin.
After Louis burns down his manor, he and Lestat seek refuge in a "filthy cemetery". Babette is absent from the movie. After Louis burns down Pointe Du Lac Manor, he seeks the help of a beautiful plantation master by the name of Babette. He convinces her to give him and Lestat shelter from the sun. The next night, she attempts to kill Louis, thinking he's from the Devil himself.
Lestat viciously kills the prostitutes in the hotel room, which in turn upsets Louis, making him wander the streets of New Orleans in a depressed daze, until he comes upon Claudia and feeds on her. Lestat kills the prostitutes in the hotel after Louis feeds on Claudia. Claudia is in an orphan hospital, on the verge of dying from her wounds when this scene takes place.
Claudia appears to be around 11 years of age when she's turned into a vampire. Claudia is said to be no older than 5 years old when she's turned into a vampire.
Claudia cuts off her hair in a fit of rage in order to try and change her appearance. It grows back immediately afterwards. Lestat's mother does this in "The Vampire Lestat" after Lestat changes her into a vampire in order to save her from death. Instead of growing back immediately, however, it grows back during the day while she sleeps.
When Lestat drinks from the twin boys Claudia has given him as a "gift" (both have been drugged with laudanum, Claudia says she used "brandywine"), he is severely weakened as drinking "dead blood" has negative effects on vampires. It is not the dead blood that weakens Lestat, it is the fact that Claudia has drugged them with absinthe and laudanum.
When Lestat comes back after Claudia has tried to kill him, he comes alone. When Lestat comes back for his revenge, he has made another vampire that helps him with it.
It is implied that Claudia and Louis travel to various countries without finding any other vampires, this being shown through Claudia's sketches. The character Morgan and his wife are absent from the movie. Louis and Claudia find a race of mindless vampires in Transylvania.
Lestat never appears in Paris after Louis sets him on fire in New Orleans. Louis encounters Lestat among the vampires from the Theatre des Vampires that captures Madeleine, Claudia and Louis.
After the burning of the Theatre des Vampires, Louis rejects Armand and travels the world alone. After the burning of the Theatre des Vampires, Louis and Armand travel the world together, until parting ways in New Orleans.
At the end of the film, Daniel the interviewer is attacked in his car by Lestat, who says. "Don't be afraid. I'm going to give you the choice I never had." Daniel leaves Louis intending to seek out Lestat in New Orleans. He is turned into a vampire by Armand in The Queen of the Damned.
There is no mention whatsoever of any of Lestat's family. Lestat's father is still alive, yet blind and near death.
Armand appears as a fully-grown man with black hair. Armand is described as a youth of approximately 17 years, with auburn hair.
The Vampires cry regular tears and do not sweat. The Vampires in the books weep tears of blood and their sweat is also tinged with blood.