Movie - Queen of the Damend

Release Date: 22 February 2002 (USA)
Genre: Horror, Music, Fantasy
Tagline: The Mother Of All Vampires. All She Wants Is Hell On Earth.
Runtime: 101 mins
Director: Michael Rymer
Producer: Jorge Saralegui
Writer: Scott Abbott, Michael Petroni (screenplay), Anne Rice (novel)

Main Cast

* Aaliyah as Queen Akasha
* Stuart Townsend as Lestat de Lioncourt
* Marguerite Moreau as Jessica 'Jesse' Reeves
* Vincent Perez as Marius de Romanus
* Paul McGann as David Talbot
* Lena Olin as Maharet

Supporting Cast

* Christian Manon as Mael
* Claudia Black as Pandora
* Bruce Spence as Khayman
* Matthew Newton as Armand
* Tiriel Mora as Roger
* Megan Dorman as Maudy
* Johnathan Devoy as James
* Robert Farnham as Alex
* Conrad Standish as T.C.
* Richael Tanner as Young Jesse
* Christopher Kirby as New York Vampire
* Miguel Ayesa as New York Vampire
* Joe Manning as New York Vampire
* Pip Mushin as Guy Being Sucked
* Kat Rhodes as Vampire Girl
* Christopher Connelly as Mortal Yuppie
* Renee De Bondt as Vampire Girl Sucking
* Renee Quast as Vampire Girl Sucking
* Dan Zizys as Vampire Doorman
* Tayler Kane as Club Vampire
* Imogen Annesley as Club Vampire
* Daniel Schlusser as Club Vampire
* Rowland S. Howard as Vampire Guitarist
* Hugo Race as Vampire Bass Player
* Robin Casinader as Vampire Pianist
* Aimee Nash as Vampire Singer
* Nicole Fantl as London Groupie
* Alyssa McClelland as London Groupie
* Marnie Reece-Wilmore as LA Groupie
* Andrew L. Urban as Himself
* Jo Buckley as French Journalist
* Dino Marnika as Music Journalist
* Kirsty Meares as Lifestyle Journalist
* Bruce Myles as Talamascan
* Marg Downey as Talamascan
* John Dicks as Talamascan
* Fouad Harraka as Greek Father
* Mandie Vieira as Young Violin Player
* Bobby Bright as Sound Engineer
* Darren Wilson as Sound Engineer
* Russell Kiefel as Fire Marshall
* Nandila Gaskell as West Indian Girl
* Nalishebo Gaskell as West Indian Girl
* Tamasin Ramsay as Woman Victim
* Michael Azria as VW Driver
* Arroyn Lloyd as VW Passenger (as Arrowyn Lloyd)
* Antonios Greige as Camel Driver
* Nicki Paull as Flight Attendant (as Nicola Paull)
* Peter Olsen as Enkil
* Franklyn Ajaye as French Dealer
* Duncan Myers as Rent Boy
* Mark O'Halloran as Rent Boy
* Twapa Kapote as Prostitute
* Ron Bingham as Businessman
* Strawberry Fields as Girl with Businessman
* Bob Halsall as Businessman with Girl
* Antony Neate as Euro Trash Vampire
* Karoline Hohlweg as Euro Trash Vampire
* Rochelle Ward as Euro Trash Vampire
* Anni Finsterer as Euro Trash Vampire
* Alistair Reid as Euro Trash Vampire
* Suzi Dougherty as Pale Faced Vampire
* Humphrey Bower as Nigel
* Pia Miranda as Jesse's Roommate
* Simon Wilton as Vampire in the Park
* Enrico Mammarella as Greek Fisherman (as Enrico Mammerella)
* Serena Altschul as Herself
* Becky Thomas as Band Member
* Jonathan Davis as Scalper
* Felicity Andersen as Flight Attendant (uncredited)
* Leon Fleming as Screaming Rock Fan (uncredited)
* Daniel Gardner as Lestat's Fan (uncredited)
* Shayne Greenman as Band Member (uncredited)
* Rashad Haughton as Queen Akasha (voice) (uncredited)
* Nathan Hill as Attacking Vampire (uncredited)
* Anita Marelic as Goth girl (uncredited)
* Jet Tsui as Asian Vampire (uncredited)

Other Specials on Casting

The first actor cast was R&B singer Aaliyah, (who had made her film debut in Romeo Must Die) as Akasha, the eponymous Queen of the Damned. The search for an actor to play Lestat took much longer íV the idea of Tom Cruise reprising the role was considered but dismissed íV although front runners included Wes Bentley, Josh Hartnett and Heath Ledger. Irish actor Stuart Townsend assumed the role in 2000, and the final cast included Vincent Perez as Marius, Paul McGann as David Talbot, Lena Olin as Maharet and Marguerite Moreau as Jesse Reeves. Australian actors included Claudia Black as Pandora and Matthew Newton as Armand.

With a large cast of international and Australian actors, Queen of the Damned began principal photography on 2 October 2000 in a former biscuit factory converted into a studio in the Melbourne suburb of St. Albans. Location filming took place around the city of Melbourne, although some filming was done in Los Angeles. For the scenes of Lestat's concert in Death Valley, over 3000 goths were recruited from Melbourne nightclubs and on the internet, then driven on a fleet of buses to a quarry in Werribee to act as extras.